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Whether your a buyer, seller or just visiting China to see what's happening, we will help make your trip a profitable and very enjoyable one. we will act as business interpreter, assistant,personal secretary,purchasing & sourcing guide and personal tour guide, and more ... to help you to be better prepared, save valuable time, make your stay in China more comfortable,overcome the language barrier and bridge the cultural gap.
"Thank your for your service. IVA was a great guide and companion during my 4-day trip to Beijing. Your service is a really nice always with response to the customer, thanks ( Gary)"
" That was a fantastic trip for me. I want to thank you and IVA for all of your help in planning the trip and making sure that all of the details were taken care of for me. I will recommend FREEIVA to everyone who is planning a trip to China. You are the best! ( Georgeana B.B )"
" We had a great time for our business and travel in Shanghai! .The trip exceeded our expectations. The staff and IVA Assistant of Freeiva was professional, efficient. Thanks for your help in arranging our business and trip. We would highly recommend Freeiva to anyone.(Nicki Jeff)"
Last night I returned to Saudi Arabia, it was a long day since I had started my journey at 5AM from Beijing. The flights went well and I was home by 9PM Saudi time.

Overall, I really enjoyed my one week experience in China (Shanghai and Beijing) with freeiva service. China is a huge and beautiful country and there are many more interesting places still to see. Also, your culture, both historical and modern just fascinates me. Also, I appreciate the work that Kelly did in making IVA available for my last evening in Beijing, really Sunny is very good company and has the right maturity level for someone my age.

Dear Kate, you are also a gem for me. I really appreciate the help you provided to me in the beginning when I was trying to understand how Freeiva operated at first time. Your friendship really gave me the confidence to use with Freeiva service. What also impressed me so much was that you took time (from your busy schedule and personal home situation) to come and meet me.

If you feel I need to provide more feedback on Freeiva then let me know and I can try to answer any specific questions you may have for me.From a business and personal point of view I will definitely use Freeiva services in the future.

Best reagards always...........Rich"
IVA No:13136
Naihan is a very interesting person and a great guide. Since I had some unusual requests for things to see and do, I chose her and was not disappointed. I had very satisfying experience in Beijing, and I do not think that it could have been better. Naihan is very professional and a relaxed, easygoing guide. This is very important in making me feel comfortable and to enjoy my trip. Her language skills are unsurpassed, there is absolutely no flaws in her ability to communicate fluidly and effectively. She also understands very well the subtleties of language and common expressions. I can recommend her without hesitation to others, and I will be sure that when I am in Beijing that I hire her if she is available. ( William)
Service Category: beijing interpreter,beijing translator,beijing private tour guide,beijing personal assistant
IVA No:13738     
Annie is a wonderful woman, to easy to talk to, her English is very good. Looking forward to seeing you in the future. ( Ryan )

Service Category: beijing personal city guide, beijing personal secretary,China
IVA No:13250
Sheri's company on a weekend of art gallery hopping and antique hunting in Shanghai was delightful. Personable, friendly and always smiling she was a pleasure to be with; it would be difficult to imagine a better person to travel about the city with as guide and companion. Sheri is highly recommended. (Steriam)

Service Category: shanghai exhibition interpreter, shanghai translator, shanghai local guide
IVA No:13439
Yiqun is a very intelligent and very beautiful young lady. I enjoyed dinner and conversation with her. She is very professional and well dressed. (Ryan)

Service Category: beijing personal travel assistant,beijing interpreter,translator, beijing guide,China
IVA No:13616
Very fluent english, intelligent, interesting and pretty satisfied very much!(Masa)

Service Category: beijing business interpreter,translator,business companion, beijing tour guide,China
IVA No:13233
Alexis was the best guide and social companion that I have had in China. She made the day very special as we went from the market to dinner and a show. English was excellent and I would always use Alexis. (Mark)

Service Category: shanghai tour guide,shanghai city guide,guangzhou canton fair ,China
IVA No:13300
She was very good English speaker and very professional. She showed me the city sites and was helpful in providing information on other sites we did not see. She did an excellent job. (Howrish)

Service Category:shanghai private tour guide shanghai interpreter, guangzhou exhibition interpreter, tour guide
IVA No:13103
Rose is very good with her English! She was very fun and entertaining! She was very interesting company for the evening. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a wonderful time in Shanghai! (Bobby)

Service Category: shanghai interpreter,,translator,private tour guide,guangzhou interpreter,China
IVA No:13310      
LILI is a very cute, friendly and intelligent girl. Her English is very good. Easy to get along but also with a professional attitude. I have spent a very happy time with LILI in Shanghai !(GG )

Service Category: shanghai business interpreter ,translator,guangzhou canton fair, visiting factories/suppliers
IVA No:13689
At every point, Theresa Zhang was gracious, charming and respectful in the way she approached all my many contacts. She was without a doubt, always a hardworker, always striving to assist me in a very timely, cheerful manner with my information requests. Even more, she frequently took the initiative to solve logistical problems, and most times she was successful at saving me significant amounts of money through her keen shopping and negotiating skills. I highly recommend Theresa Zhang for interpreting and translation assignments for her attention to detail, timeliness, tremendous patience, cultural sensitivity as well as her engaging personality.( Larry)

Service Category: shanghai business interpreter, shanghai tour guide,shenzhen guide,interpreter
IVA No:13654     
Lulu is a very professional,cheerful and lovely lady.She really knew all the sites she showd us.She was very explanative.Overall,she gave us a very good impression.We will surely come next time for her. (Banker)

Service Category: shanghai private tour guide,personal assistant/interpreter, lijiang tour guide
IVA No:13132      
Katherine is a very nice girl. We have a good time.(tzulihsu)

Service Category: shanghai private tour guide, shanghai guide,shanghai local guide
IVA No:13300     
I was picked up at the airport and helped to go to my hotel and then we had lunch together. It was a pleasant experience. Her language skills are more than sufficient and I really enjoyed her service/company touring around the city. Rick (Rick)

Service Category: shanghai interpreter,meeting interpreter, exhibition interpreter, shanghai China
IVA No:13494     
Tina has done a wonderful job for me in Shanghai, arrangements for the hotel, site seeing, and social entertainments were coordinated and finalized by her. Well done Tina!!(Richerd)

Service Category: shanghai tour guide, interpreter,beijing tour guide, guangzhou tour guide
IVA No:13383      
Elva has a good personality, she was punctual, a good conversationalist, excellent english, worked hard to please customer, took care of arrangements for tours well. Well done Elva!(Rich)

Service Category: beijing travel companion, beijing tour guide,beijing interpreter,meeting interpreter
IVA No:13103      
We enjoyed Rose's service in Shanghai very much. She tried very hard help us in very details of our trip to Shanghai from choosing an approperate hotel to the creation of our tour plan.

In Shanghai she tried her best to complete our tour plan and to explain everything patiently and carefully in details to us.

Because of her bright and charming personality,we got along very well with her immediately. Her English is excellent and though our daily tour got very long, she was always smiling,friendly, and humorous to us and tried to make the tour go smoothly and to make us happy all the time. She always tried to consider for us first in any aspects which we did appreciate it very much!!! We can be sure that Rose is professional, hardworking, patient, considerated, funny and glamorous.

We enjoyed the wonderful time with Rose in Shanghai very much. Thank you very much for the trip that we will miss for years! Yours faithfully (Carly)

Service Category: shanghai interpreter ,private tour guide, beijing tour guide,xian guide,xingjiang guide,
IVA No:13250      
I really appreciated that you provided me with a real "professional" IVA, Sheri Wang - she was of great help not only during the bsuiness meeting but also in coordinating the shopping, eating and selecting the places to visit - and I think you are very lucky to have such a highly qualified, dedicated and intellectual young lady as Sheri. (Roy)

Service Category: shanghai meeting interpreter, private tour guide,private assistant,beijing guide
IVA No:13494      
Foreign Language: Excellent English

Professional Capacity: Understands roles & responsibilities of IVA.Performs very well.Willing to adjust to make tours interesting,discuss possible tour options & arranges details.

Overall: Pleasure,great pleasure to work with Tina.Will to work with Tina again!(RIchard)

Service Category: shanghai meeting interpreter, personal tour guide
IVA No:13223      
"Rainie was very pleasent and knowledgeable of the city once I decided where to go. I learned much of Chinese culture and enjoyed my experience." (Rich )

Service Category: beijing meeting interpreter, private tour guide,beijing personal companion
IVA No:13169      
I had a wonderful experience with Wanglin.She was curious,professional,humourous and very capable both in local experience and English fluency.I would ask for her assiatance again if I travel to Beijing. (Gerald)

Service Category: beijing tour guide,meeting interpreter, beijing city guide,beijing interpreter

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