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Best scenery in Southern China

Zhangjiajie - became super star in one night! Everybody know him, Chinese, America, British, Australian, it became the most popular place to visit in China!

All of this is Just because of a movie from USA Avatar – present by 20 century Fox. Some of the beautiful scenery in the movie took in Zhangjiajie, most people cannot believe it is real place on earth and guessing maybe it is another PS by our advanced computer technology, but it is true, it is located in the Southern China, Hunan province, it is very big area, if you want to see all of the scenery better stay there 3 days. Best itinerary for Zhangjiajie, you can fly from Guangzhou, Beijing, or Shanghai to Zhangjiajie airport, this will leave more time for your visit.

- First day you can visit Zhangjiajie national park and stay some B&B in the park.
- Second day please go to Tianzishan, it is the most beautiful scenery in Zhangjiajie, and you can take the highest lift in the world. this lift is the fast lift in the world, in just about 15 second, you will find you are on the top of the mountain.
- Third day you can visit the beautiful lake Baofenghu, it is about 30 minutes by car from Zhangjiajie town centre, you can take boat there and enjoy the breeze from the lake, after boat trip you can have a lunch there, try the fish from lake, it is yum!

Accommodation, there are many B&B in surrounding area and some of them are actually just 10 minutes walk to the most famous scenery in zhangjiajie. Local travelers often stay there and wake up early next morning so can watch the sun rise on the top of the mountain.

Food, feel tired and hungry after long journey, in the town centre you can find a restaurant very easy and the most local dish is sweet and sour fish, of course it is very hot and spicy as well, if you cannot have spicy food, don’t forget tell the waiter.

Posted by Vicky liu on 2013-04-23 08:24:00

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Posted by Vicky liu : China Interpreter & Business Assistant

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