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Yiwu, China

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Yiwu Introduction:

"Yiwu market is the largest wholesale market of small commodity in whole world."
--Yiwu Commodity City was honored by the UN, the World Bank and Morgan Stanley amongst other world authorities in 2005 as the "largest small commodity wholesale market in the world".

- 62,000+ wholesale stalls with 30 million products.
- 200,000+ population in markets per day.
- 9.40 Billion USD transaction in 2010.
- Petty products, Bulky quantity, Wide variety, Cheap price
- 2 hours express train from Shanghai, 150 km from the world 4th largest cargo port -Beilun port.
- Opening 356 days, except a 7-day-off during Chinese Spring Festival.

Yiwu market established its fame around the world for cheap price for OK quality. Buyers flock in for better price.

Yiwu Commodity City has three market clusters of International Trade Mart, Huangyuan Market and Binwang Market. The International Trade Mart (Futian market) is the main one and the biggest. Yiwu China Commodity City covers an area of 4.3 million square meters, with 62,000 booths inside. 100,000 suppliers exhibit 400,000 kinds of products almost every day from 8:30 am to 5 pm (except the holidays of Chinese Spring Festival). The products are from around 40 industries and of 2,000 different categories. 65% of these products are exported to over 215 countries and regions. Yiwu China Commodity City is more like a permanent fair instead of a traditional wholesale market. It has developed into an information, innovation, exhibition and distribution center for consumer goods. There is IT support inside the market. A modern shopping-mall like infrastructure is offered.

Hot Attractions, Things to do in Yiwu

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Find Yiwu intepreter, trade asssitant in Yiwu, chinese interpreter in Yiwu China