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About Us

Freeiva offers One-stop China Interpreter, Quality Inspection,Chinese Virtual Assistant/ Office service since 2004

IVA(International Valuable Assistant)---Your "Smart Eyes" for business & travel in everywhere of China.

The world is shrinking and the Chinese market is now open to all, whether your a buyer, seller or just visiting China to see what's happening, our IVA service will help make your trip a profitable and very enjoyable one. All of our IVA can act as your tour guides, personal secretaries, interpreter/translators, and more ... to help you to be better prepared, save valuable time, make your stay in China more comfortable, overcome the language barrier and bridge the cultural gap.

IVA service covers 130+ cities of China ( including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Yiwu, Hangzhou, Nanjing...)

Testimonials from hundreds of clients

" I always see a lot of tourist were treated like a group of sheep in a big bus. go here and there. and the tour guide always feel very tired , lazyand less of talking with customers. This time I really enjoyed a fully customized service with FREEIVA, I had a fantastic trip with IVA. Great value for my money------ Sanjay M. Arsenych "

"Thank your for your service. IVA was a great guide and companion during my 4-day trip to Beijing. Your service is a really nice always with response to the customer, thanks ----- Gary"

"That was a fantastic trip for me. I want to thank you and IVA for all of your help in planning the trip and making sure that all of the details were taken care of for me. I will recommend FREEIVA to everyone who is planning a trip to China.You are the best!----- Georgeana B.B"

" Last night I returned to Saudi Arabia, it was a long day since I had started my journey at 5AM from Beijing. The flights went well and I was home by 9PM Saudi time.

Overall, I really enjoyed my one week experience in China (Shanghai and Beijing) with freeiva service. China is a huge and beautiful country and there are many more interesting places still to see. Also, your culture, both historical and modern just fascinates me. Also, I appreciate the work that Kelly did in making IVA available for my last evening in Beijing, really Sunny is very good company and has the right maturity level for someone my age.

Dear Kate, you are also a gem for me. I really appreciate the help you provided to me in the beginning when I was trying to understand how Freeiva operated at first time. Your friendship really gave me the confidence to use with Freeiva service. What also impressed me so much was that you took time (from your busy schedule and personal home situation) to come and meet me.

If you feel I need to provide more feedback on Freeiva then let me know and I can try to answer any specific questions you may have for me.From a business and personal point of view I will definitely use Freeiva services in the future.

Best reagards always...........Rich

We had a great time for our business and travel in Shanghai! .The trip exceeded our expectations. The staff and IVA Assistant of Freeiva was professional, efficient.Thanks for your help in arranging our business and trip. We would highly recommend Freeiva to anyone. ----- Nicki Jeff"

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