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Business Interpreter & Assistant in Guangzhou,Foshan

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  • Spring D.

    #16925  / Female, Age:36 / Bachelor Degree

    City of residence: Guangzhou

    Available travel to: Foshan and others


    Honest Responsible Translator and Sourcing Agent since 2008, Help with Sourcing, Market / factory Guiding, Quality Checking, Arrange shipping etc.


    English: Excellent

    Has work experience in Pakistan, India, Dubai

    Work Experience: 15 Year(s)

    Major: Bio-Medicine

  • By Industry: Total 185 Customers

  • Details Reviews(33) Industry Info

    Hey, my dear friend, this is Spring Dan located in Guangzhou of China. Thanks for reading my page, here is some brief introduction about me.

    I've been working as translator and sourcing Agent since 2008.

    I am familiar with almost all the big market in Guangzhou and nearby city like Foshan Zhongshan Shenzhen, especially the furniture and building material market in Foshan. Accompany my customer to walk in different market over 5 times each month since 2008, like Furniture market, tile market, sanitary ware market, kitchen market, building material accessories market, lighting market, clothes market, shoes market, bag market, hotel equipment market, Electronic market, Stationary market, etc.

    I attend different fair each year since 2008, mainly accompany customer. For example Canton Fair in Guangzhou, Building material fair in Guangzhou, furniture fair in Guangzhou and shanghai, Cotton fair in Hongkong, LED fair in Guangzhou, Electronic Fair in Guangzhou and HongKong, etc.

    I've accompany my customer to visit over 2000 factories until now, the factories are mainly located in Guangdong province like Guangzhou, Foshan, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Zhongshan. Sometimes fly with customer to other Province like Shandong, Zhejiang, Hebei, Hongkong etc. I have some good factories resource, which can recommend to my customer.

    I have my own sourcing agent company, can provide service of translation and purchase agency. Can coordinate between foreign customer and China factory. Help with sourcing, Market/factory guiding, quality checking, arrange shipping etc. Help with my customer to export around 100 containers currently per year. A reliable local agent is very import when you import from China especially when mix a container from several supplier. I will be glad to send you my website and detail information for your reference if you are interested about our purchase agency service.

    Because of my working experience, I am glad to give free advisement and consultation to my customer, especially helpful to those one who is new to import from China.

    I was born in a teacher family in Jiangxi province and have been living alone in Guangzhou for over 8 years now, familiar with Guangzhou, can recommend you suitable hotel, restraint, place for shopping and sightseeing etc.

    I am an organized and efficient person, can understand my customer's meaning and catch up their willing very well , can coordinate between customer and supplier fluently, my customer say I am smart : ). And most importantly I am honest and responsible.

    I like Climb mountain, Hiking, reading and cooking, go for outdoor activities at least one time per month, normally with tour pal. I've climb almost all the big mountain in Guangdong province, normally walk around 24 KM per day when go hiking with the tour pal. I have travel alone to Dubai for two times, make all the arrangement by myself. Have been to India, Pakistan and Thailand on business trip.

    Hope to meet new friend from different part of the World, we can become friend in life and work partner in business after we know each other.

    Hope you all the best.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,

    Available Jobs:

    - Sourcing & Visiting Factories / Suppliers
    - Exhibitions / Trade Shows
    - Business Meeting / Negotiations
    - Market Research
    - Help Client Set up Office
    - Business Companion
    - Secretary Service
    - Personal Tour Guide
    - Show Local Culture/ Food /Shopping/ Entertainment...

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    • we had the privilege of having Spring as our guide on a recent trip to China. we visited three different factories in one day. She arranged the times and made contact with the factories to set up the best times. She arranged a car and driver to take us around. She met us at the hotel in the morning and had us taken to the airport in the evening. we could not have done it with out her. we have established connections with all three businesses. When we were leaving she arranged a meeting at a local tea house. Even though her expertise was not in our line of work (air conditioning) she did well. I would definitely use her again. I would not go back with out her.

      Randy Guignard
      United States
    • I am a property developer in Kenya and I was in China for the first time and was lucky to be served by Spring Dan. I knew her through the internet and I was so pleased with service she offered me. She is very professional, deligent and helpfed I and my partner purchase building products in Foshan market in a record three days. She is fluent in English and she has a good understanding of the Foshan Building products market.

      And most important, if you are a business person, Spring is honest, reliable and very smart. I paid all my goods-two containers-through her company, thus relieving me the berden of carrying cash, dealing with various suppliers as well as arranging shipment of the products. And she gets out of her way to make sure your daily life in a strange country look almost as normal as possible. I now know I got a reliable puchase agent in China for my future purchase.

      Cyprian W. Omoro
    • I came to China to buy staff for my new shop’s decoration, I had Spring worked with me for six days, for my business trip to Guangzhou, Foshan, and zhongshan.
      Spring's English is excellent and she is a great conversationalist. It was immediately obvious to think that Spring was not a translator but a valued colleague!
      Spring is witty, has a great sense of humor and is a lot of fun to work with. I highly recommend Spring to anyone who wants to have a happy and successful business trip!
      Spring has their own professional purchase agency company, very professional about building material, lighting and furniture market, I visit their company and decide to let them follow my 1* 40 HQ and 1* 20 ft container. It turns out very good until now.
      Thank you Spring for making my trip a success!

    • It was my first time to China, I plan to start new business importing from China. I talked with Spring before I came, she turns out to be much more helpful than I expected, she is totally familiar about Guangzhou’s market and trading fields. After realized she has worked as purchase agency for 5 years and convinced with her capability we sit down and spent two hours to asked lots of detail questions, she is very patient and explain everything very clearly in the way that we can understand.
      Thank you so much Spring, wish you all the success, and we are sure there will be more chance for our cooperation in the near future.
    • Spring was my tour guide in Guangzhou and Hongkong. She was very helpful and professional. Her English is excellent, and she is very knowledgeable. She was very helpful and accommodating. She listened to what I wanted to see in Guangzhou and offered other suggestions as well.
      I would definitely recommend her and use again in future travels to China. Thank you!

    • If you need a tour guide in Guangzhou, I can assure you that Spring would be the perfect choice. I had two very enjoyable days in her company while she showed the sights of Guangzhou.
      Spring is a very charming person, actually, she is more beautiful than her pics, and she is full of ideas to help you see the sights.Many thanks!

      Sam (New Zealand)
    • Spring has been a delight. With her cheerful demeanor, excellent English and professional attitude, she is a gem!
      I will not hesitate to book her service again the next time I'm in Guangzhou!

      Jeff Sarlitt(USA)
    • If you need a tour guide in Guangzhou, Spring would be your best choice! She gave me perfect service during my visit in Guangzhou and Hongkong. She is a very good guide with many ideas to offer and be considered. Spring acts in a professional manner, but also friendly, cheerful and helpful.

      Raanan (Derector,Israel)
    • Spring is excellent, can speak fluent English, sweet, shinning, cute and thoughtful,
      I feel like relaxing when staying with her in the last three days.
      Thanks for your perfect work!

      Mauricio Santin(Brazil)
    • I'm so happy with my guide Spring,she is very kind and gentle. She knows Muslim culture very much, is a good listener and conventionist. she recommend me suitable apartment before I came, and recommend me good Hala restaurant which I like very much.
      I enjoyed my staying with Sring, Thank you!

      Sadeq (CEO, Kuwait)
    • Spring was the best English speaking interpreter we have ever used in our Four trips to China, we have never had such an intelligent, smart and witty interpreter as Spring. She was very cultivated, respectful and pleasant.

      Bryan (Owner)
      United Kingdom
    • Spring was absolutely fantastic, she is professional and very good mate for talking.
      I had one of the best times I ever had on a business trip! It was unforgettable and she is wonderful.

    • Spring is very good with her English! She was very fun and entertaining! She was very interesting company for the evening. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a wonderful time in Guangzhou!

      Ben(Sri Lanka)
    • Spring is impressive, I really enjoyed my trip with her. She can speak very good English.
      Her knowledge in the trading field surprised me totally, very familiar about the detail process and give me lots of suggestion about exporting from China. I even choose the shipping agent that she promoted and turned out very good.
      She is professional, I recommend her highly to everyone business man.
    • Spring was a great guide! She was very informative about lots of Chinese culture which we found very interesting and she kept everything very entertaining.
      Thank you! This was a great thing to do!

      Elliot Walker(United Kingdom)
    • Spring showed an amazing, friendly and helpful personality the entire trip. I will be definitely book her again through freeiva on my next trip to China.

      Tugay (Engineer)
    • Dear Freeiva,

      Thank you so much for sending me Spring, she is so excellent and I am totally satisfied with her professional service.

      She give me lots of free consultation about Guangzhou wholesale market, she is very familiar about Guangzhou wholesale market. She accompanied me visit 4 factories, and I changed my traveling schedule after meet her. I want to know more about Guangzhou. She accompanied me to copy brand clothes market, copy watch market, copy brand handbag market, copy shoes market, children’s clothes market, fabric and accessories market, toy & gift market.

      She is really over wealthy of the translation fee that I have paid, she definitely will help to earn more money for me.

      She is professional about purchase agency, I visit her company and I think I am convinced to rely on her for the future business, to let their company pick up all the items for me and send to me.

      Spring is definitely top five star Iva, I am so happy to have her service.
      thank you.

      Ronald Bruce (Owner)
    • Spring is fantastic, can speak fluently English and methodic.

      She always stands on our side. We had problem with our bikini factory this time, our factory lied before we came, they can’t catch the delivery time, but we are so hurry to get the products to catch the TV show in Britain. Spring guide us to the market to found the garment accessories by ourselves and gave to the factory to save the production time, she asked her cousin who owns a garment factory to supervise and push the factory to finish the bikini asap while we are outside in the market. We get the bikini finally before we leave.
      Birley Majeed.

      We will change our factory and Spring will definitely be our partner for a long time.

      Thank you.
    • Spring is excellent and powerful.
      She accompanied me to visit a mobile phone factory and the digital market in Shenzhen. I forgot to carry my bag when get off the train on the return train back to Guangzhou. She ask help of the policeman. She spend at least two hours to made different of phone calls to different office , I got my bag back on the next day, prevented losing of over 5000USD.

      Thank you so much Spring, I will definitely book your service again and recommend your serivice to my business friends as much as possible.

      Yahya(Vise President)
      Saudi Arabia
    • She was helpful for my stay in HongKong. She helped me a lot in communicating with my buyer in Hongkong. Her command on English language is really very good. I wish her all the best for her future.

    • spring was very helpful in pointing out places to start my decorations sourcing expedition. We went to lecong and badatong, places I've not been before. It was a pleasure to have some experienced and knowledgeable to guide me around Guangzhou.

    • Spring was very pleasant and polite to work with.
      Discovered that it is very important for us to have a clear idea of products we are looking for with pictures and discriptions to assist with businesss purpose.
      Thank you.
      Matt Lawcock(Australia)
    • Spring is brilliant, We enjoyed her service in Guangzhou very much. We got along very well with her immediately. Her English is excellent and explain everything patiently and carefully in details to us. She was always smiling, friendly, and humorous to us. She always tried to consider for us first.

      We can be sure that spring is professional, hardworking, patient, considerated, funny and glamorous.

      We enjoyed the wonderful trip in China very much thanks to Spring’s efforts. We will recommend her highly to all the colleagues.


      From: UK
    • To the manager of Freeiva,

      Dear Sir,

      Thank you very much for your introduction to Miss Spring! She speaks the most fluent English during the people I met In China, She is polite, cultivated and has a great sense of humor .

      She is indeed a great asset to your company!


      Matthew Gill
    • Spring did a great job for us. She speak very fluently English and arrange our travel schedule very well.

      Before I came I booked her service and talked with her, she made all the relevant preparation. She accompanied me visited 7 furniture factories, she is very cultivated,polite and methodic, hard working and very into the details.

      I took her advice to visit furniture market in Foshan also, it turns out very wealthy of the time, it’s a huge market, I found several style of sofa and table that we are interested.

      She is very professional in trading field and seems to has full experience about the furniture market.

      I was thinking to registered my own office in HK, but now I would like to try to cooperate with Spring’s purchase agency company first.

      Rajen.(Project Manager)
    • spring was an excellent business companion, she was friendly, professional and very helpful in every situation.
      she accompanied me by taxi to dongguan and thereafter to visit another factory in beiyun district.
      I shall not hesitate to recommend her to any businessman or woman looking for a friendly and professional translator and/or companion.
      I wish her all the best for her future.

      Azzam (Executive Director)
    • Spring is extremly helpful person and is a great asset to your agency, she will be my favorite when travel to China.

      hesham (Director of procurement )
    • Dan was a god send.
      I have never been to China, and took the chance of booking her through this site
      My first business dealing seemed a breeze as I researched factories that could do the job l required.
      Dan picked up on all the working drawings as if she had done it before, knew exactly the right questions to ask, and translated everything exactly the way l could understand.
      Not only do l highly recommend her, she is efficient, methodical, and has a fantastic sense of humour.
      Her knowledge of the area is unsurpassed, and has become a great friend.
      On my return to sign off on my project, Dan again made sure everything was and is in order, right down to the shipping of my 40 ft container.
      Thank you

      D. Y.
    • Dan's language skill is excellent and greate service. we love working with her in the near future. thanks

      Bijan Asdaghi
    • Language Skills: 5-STAR
      Work Quality: 5-STAR

      Ms Spring was a wonderful IVA. Very professional in her work and a pleasant person to know and travel with. Every task was efficiently completed. I would gladly recommend her.

      Sheraz (Director )
    • We had a pleasant stay in China(May 13-30) and thanks to MS Dan making that happen for us. She was cooperative and help us a gread deal in achiving our goal in China, She is a good host and I wish her all the best in her future adventures.
      S.M. saad Ali & S. Tariq Ali
    • Spring was an absolute pleasure to work with, she arranged things we needed even before we needed them. We have had many interpreters before and for business use spring has been by far the best. She had no trouble negotiating and being firm in our meetings and we felt she was entirely on our 'team'. her knowledge of trade /markets is brilliant and what she doesn't know she finds out for you and is very hard working. I can recommend spring very highly. Rebecca Birley
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