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Experienced Translator,Personal Assistant and Guide Service(Shenzhen/Hongkong )

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  • Vivi Y.

    #301066  / Female, Age:35 / Bachelor Degree

    City of residence: Shenzhen

    Available travel to: Guangzhou and others


    Experienced Translator,Personal Assistant and Guide Service
    Tailor Make your Trip
    ***International Economic and Trade Major in Shenzhen University,Bachelor Degree.
    ***Energetic,Postivie Mind.

    -Life is like a Mirror, If we smile to it, It will smile back to us.
    -Everything is the Best Arrangem


    Chinese: Excellent
    English: Excellent
    Japaness: Simple Communication

    Has study experience in Singapore
    Has work experience in India

    Work Experience: 15 Year(s)

    Major: International Economic and Trade

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    Experienced Translator,Personal Assistant and Guide Service(Shenzhen/Hongkong )

    Tailor Make your Trip
    ***International Economic and Trade Major in Shenzhen University,Bachelor degree.
    ***Can travel to all cities of China
    -Airport Pickup,Car Rental
    - Sourcing & Visiting Factories / Suppliers/QC
    - Exhibitions / Trade Shows
    - Business Meeting / Negotiations
    - Market Research
    -Familiar with importing and exporting,shipping.
    -Very flexible with work
    -Tailor-making service,VIP support

    By the way,here are my My Life Attitudes if you dont mind to read:

    -About Health: Health is the most important for every of us. It includes Physical Health and Mind Health, It Relates to Positive, Sunshine, Good, Peaceful and Happy Thinking.

    -About Happiness: The happiness is from inside, no much matter with another matters, Be strong enough to have the ability to love, to have the ability to give the happiness.

    -About Beauty: Sincerity is beautiful ,Serious-Minded is Beautiful, Hard working is beautiful. Kind hearted is beautiful. Intelligent is beautiful. The world is very beautiful if we see them in beautiful ways by our beautiful hearts.

    -About Love: Everyone and nature things need love. Everyone and things can feel and receive love. Giving love seeds, then we will be in a love magnetic field, our life will be full of love.

    -About Attraction: Everyone of us is like the Earth, It has magnetic force, Whatever we gave, It will come back to us. People we met are whom we attracted.

    -About World: Everyone of us is a small world. Someone's world is smaller, Someone's is bigger, It relates how far we go, how many different people and things we saw, how far we can think.

    -About Dreams: Dreams are beautiful, They are the Passions of Life. Not all the dreams will come true. The most valuable is that how we walk to the dreams, How we stand up from falling down, How we face and enjoy the difficult moments of life.

    Any questions,please contact:

    Thanks with Warm Regards,

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    Industry Vivi is familiar with:

    . Advertisement/Marketing
    . Automobile
    . Business Services
    . Computer Hardware & Software
    . Construction & Real Estate
    . Electronic Components & Supplies
    . Excess Inventory
    . Food & Beverage
    . Furniture & Furnishings
    . Health & Beauty
    . Home Appliances
    . Home Supplies
    . Industrial Supplies
    . Lights & Lighting
    . Minerals, Metals & Materials
    . Security & Protection
    . Telecommunications
    . Textiles & Leather Products
    . Transportation
    . Travel / Leisure

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