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your wealth accumulation starts from here

Total booked: 23 days    Trust Points: 600

  • Shaoshan S.

    #811113  / Female, Age:40 / Bachelor Degree

    City of residence: Guangzhou

    Available travel to: Hongkong and others


    professional negotiation skills,
    your tusted friends and assistant,
    you are always in the first place


    Spanish: Fluent
    English: Excellent
    Cantonese: Excellent

    Has study experience in Australia
    Has work experience in Spain

    Work Experience: 18 Year(s)

    Major: accounting

  • By Industry: Total 148 Customers

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    2014/ 7 - Search for desired products for a business group from Spain
    2014/ 6 - Translate and record information for the customer in Spanish
    2014/ 4 (Canton Fair) - Spanish interpreter for Columbia client
    2014 /4- Follow up clients needs and find them the quality products in reasona
    2013/10(Canton Fair) - Spanish interpreter for Columbia Business Service Cen
    2013/8 -Accompany with customers to visit the supplier's factory
    2013/6 - Guide them to sightseeing and shopping in Guangzhou
    2013/4 - Guide them to sightseeing and shopping in Guangzhou

    2012 /10(Canton Fair) - Spanish interpreter for Spain clients
    2012 /8(Canton Fair) - Spanish interpreter for Columbia clients
    2012/7: Exhibition interpreter

    Sourcing service:
    customers provide samples or product description, we search suppliers online to
    discuss the terms of customer requirements, after we confirm with suppliers , we
    visit the suppliers in person so as to generate a supplier assessment report for
    customers review.

    when the supplier is chosen, customers or we can contact suppliers to discuss the
    prices and payment terms in details. When the products are ready, we visit the
    factory to examine the finished products in terms of quality ,specification an quantity
    before loading container, most time we will be watching at spot.

    Interpreter service(Spanish and English): accompany customers to go shopping in
    the market and visit factories, negotiate the prices with sellers, explain and interpret
    the specification to customers, help with hotel ,air ticket reservation etc.

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    Industry Shaoshan is familiar with:

    . Automobile
    . Business Services
    . Electrical Equipment & Supplies
    . Electronic Components & Supplies
    . Furniture & Furnishings
    . Industrial Supplies
    . Lights & Lighting
    . Minerals, Metals & Materials
    . Office Supplies
    . Security & Protection
    . Telecommunications
    . Timepieces, Jewelry, Eyewear
    . Travel / Leisure

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