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Professional business interpreter-assistant

6 reviews    Total booked: 73 days    Trust Points: 2000

  • Amy Z.

    #811238  / Female, Age:33 / Bachelor Degree

    City of residence: Shanghai

    Available travel to: Hangzhou and others


    Business/Technical/ Sourcing/ JV/M&A/Due Diligence
    Professional tour manager for artist
    Client&business oriented, problem-solver,mature & open-minded
    Strongly understand the culture differences between China and western


    English: Excellent
    Spanish: Simple Communication

    Work Experience: 12 Year(s)

    Major: Business English

  • By Industry: Total 139 Customers

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    Thanks for viewing my page:)I am a professional interpreter with rich experience in various industries such as high-tech&robotics,chemical&medical,fabric&furniture,fashion&garment,music&gaming,real estate and food,steel and machinery,...etc.
    Familar with importing, exporting, souring and other business cooperations. So far I have experienced several complicated projects with clients in China including several big potential business fraunds, law suits and complicated communication problems, which are also better helping me understand the business . My goal is to be your big business help and make your trip in China easier.

    I am also an open-minded & interesting individual. I like travelling, music, fashion & art, photography & philosophy,etc. I know Shanghai and many other cities pretty well. Can share lots of ideas for various hot spots.

    Available Jobs:
    - Business Meeting /Negotiation/Business Companion
    - Exhibition Shows/Trade Fair/Events
    - Market Research/Quality Inspection
    - Sourcing & Factory Visiting
    - Secretary / Assistant Service
    - Show Local Cultures/ Food /Shopping/Entertainment...
    - Technical training & seminar/Meeting Consecutive Interpretation/ PR Event/ Whisper Interpreting... ( different rate)

    October 2013—Present Freelance Interpreter Shanghai (consecutive/business/whispering/travel management.etc)

    Main projects(80%business/20%technical)

    11/2017 Business Meeting (Robotics/Business cooperation/CEO)
    11/2017 Business Meeting ( Biotechnology/VP and CEO USA/meeting with Chinese scientists and GM/technology and business cooperation/plant extraction for new drugs/consecutive & whispering)
    10/2017 Wool Mark Gold Men Wear Haute Couture Seminar ( consecutive/The Wool Mark Company Australia China Organization)
    10/2017 Business Meeting ( JV/Meeting with potential Chinese partner/ Finance)
    10/2017 Business Meeting in Zhejiang ( AI/Facial Recognition/meeting with China potential partner, one well known Chinese state-owned group)
    09/2017 China Furniture Show ( high-end linen and cotton fabric/customized products )
    09/2017 Business conference ( M&A/consecutive & whispering/prestigious architecture and design firms from China and Europe/confidential meeting)
    07 & 08 /2017 China Vendors Training Seminar (8days/consecutive/ Edgenet US and US Lows Furniture group China /cloud data management system for furniture & home finishing industry)
    07/2017 Business conference with one Chinese nuclear power station & meetings with important partners in nuclear industry (consecutive and whispering/China GM&APAC CEO&US CFO/travel to other city)
    06/2017 Business Strategic cooperation conference ( Guangzhou/consecutive/Robotics/for one famous robotics company from North America/CEO)
    06/2017 China Mould Show ( 3rd time for one European Steel Group/Special Steel and Steel Mould/Interpretation for the fair including meetings on the fair)

    05/2017 Product sourcing ( health and beauty products for one US company )

    04/2017 Public seminar SMAT China ( US company/Tech Head/Chemical and electronics/consecutive/New Technology launching)

    05/ 2017 Business meeting in Wuxi City ( power station/client visit & cooperation/for one Australian company/Metallurgy)

    05/2017 SIAL China ( food/dairy and desert products for Belgian delegate)

    04/2017 Business meeting in Anhui province (product sourcing and evaluation/for one Australian company/construction)

    04/2017 Public seminar SMAT China ( for one US company/Tech Head/Chemical and electronics/conference consecutive)

    03/2017 Public presentation for China-Spain B2B event (Medical area / for two Spanish companies/conference consecutive)

    03/2017 Public meeting with SanYa local mayors and officials (working for one UK group/ Entertainment area/ conference consecutive interpreting)

    03/2017 Business meeting with Chinese partners and investors (travelling to Zhejiang/Beijing/Robotics/working for one famous North America company)

    02/2017 Parents meeting and party for overseas Chinese students ( education/one private US boarding school/meeting interpretation for different group meetings/ party organization and interpretation)

    11/2016 &05/2016 Interpretation for Belgian exhibition team (Flemish Centre for Agricultural and Fisheries (VLAM) /SIAL 2016)

    10-11/2016 Budweiser EDM China Tour around 21 cities including Hongkong ( Tour Manager/working for a famous US DJ, including music festivals and collaboration with Chinese famous singer JaneZhang张靓颖 )

    08/2016 Meeting with Chinese partners ( for one US company /technology transfer/business cooperation)

    08/2016 Meeting with chinese partners ( business/robot projects & programming/for one Belgium firm)

    07/2016 Overseas Investment Seminar ( consecutive/for one US company/real estate & investment/Carribbean projects)

    06/2016 M&A Meeting with Chinese partner in Anhui(consecutive/for board member and country CEOs from one world-leading German group in packaging area)

    5/2016 Business & technical meeting with power station ( Traveling to Wuxi/ Mechanical/ one Australian company)

    05/2016 Budweiser MOT Campaign ( Tour management/translating and assisting for the Spanish production team)

    05/2016 Interpretation for Belgian exhibition team ( SIAL 2016)

    4/2016 Product presentation and business communication meeting ( Safety wear/ Diadora Italy)

    03/2016 Overseas medical visit (India trip/group medical visit companion/interpretation & tour management)

    03/2016 US-China Film Strategic Cooperation Public Conference ( Business companion for one China film company and US Hollywood team)

    02/2016 Parents meeting and party for overseas Chinese students ( education/one private US boarding school/meeting interpretation for different group meetings/ party organization and interpretation)

    11/2014-02/2016 English interviewer for HSBC China/HSBC UK and Johnson & Johnson China ( Graduate MT Program including Chinese ,overseas Chinese and foreign students or professionals )

    12/2015 Budweiser China events (Christmas&New Year Counting-down/accompanying with the Spanish production team including tour management, interpretation, casting and event assistance/ Chengdu & Beijing)

    11/2015 Business meeting for one US company with partners ( whispering & consecutive interpretation for CEO, new product research, telecommunication , real estate area)

    11/2015 Intertexitle Guangzhou Canton Fair

    09/2015 Medical Technology China ( UK/Artificial Blood Graft producer)

    09/2015 Finnish Wood Seminar ( 2 days B-B Meeting, for 2 biggest Finnish wood groups, Log house and Swan wood, Finnish Promotion Bureau)

    09/2015 Business Meeting ( one German leading company in fabric design and producing area)

    08/2015 Intertextile Shanghai 2015

    07/2015 Spain-China B2B Meeting ( consecutive interpretation/business presentation ,telecommunication & E-commerce, Spain Business Development Bureau Shanghai)

    07/2015 Wood Expo Shanghai & Client Visiting ( for one Company from Luxembourg, European Oak & furniture, negotiation and contract communication, CEO )

    07/2015 Spain-China B2B Meeting ( consecutive interpretation/business presentation ,telecommunication & E-commerce)

    6/2015 Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo Shanghai ( for one exhibitor from Chongqing, granulating& pelleting machine manufacturer)

    05/2015 Juwai Shanghai Real Estate Summit2015 ( B2B meeting, for one American CEO from Tokyo)

    05/2015 Business meeting for an US company( whispering & consecutive interpretation for CEO, participants are senior executives, telecommunication and real estate area)

    05/2015 Medtec China ( UK/Artificial Blood Graft producer)

    05/2015 SIAL shanghai ( Aussie meet)

    04/2015 Metal Metallurgy Expo Shanghai ( UK/metallurgy magazine, one medial group)

    03/2015 Business meeting ( for China agent GM and German CEO, cable stripping and cutting machinery)
    03/2015 Spin Expo Shanghai ( for one trading& design company from Shenzhen, fancy yarn)

    11/2014-04/2015 English Interviewer for HSBC China and Johnson & Johnson (China Graduate MT Program

    12/2014 Retail & OEM Expo ( for one exhibitor from Belgium, sea salt & cleansing products)

    12/2014 Business interpreting for one China company(one of the biggest tire bladder manufacturer in China)
    10/2014 Embassy Reception Dinner & the 2nd Day Business Meeting for The Prime Minister of The Commonwealth of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit)

    10/2014 Product Release & Technical Training Seminar ( One world leading US telecommunication company,signal extension and switching systems)

    10/2014 Business Companion for One American Fashion Brand ( product souring)

    09/2014 Swiss Anti-aging Project Meeting ( placenta & plastic surgeon, One Swiss prestigious hospital & One Swiss Medical Wellness China Agent)

    08/2014 Quality inspection ( air-conditioner, Fujitsu & One Official Indonesia Qualification Inspection Center)

    06/2014 CICC 2014 Investment Projects Seminar ( for a CEO of an US investment firm, whispering interpretation & information collecting)

    03/2014 One week meeting in Zhejiang for an US and a Chinese company ( new product improvement meeting, electronic fireplace)
    03/2014 2014 China Real Estate Summit SH ( for a CEO of an US investment company/B2B meeting)
    03/2014 Meeting and technical training for a German and a Chinese Company (electronics related industry)
    03/2014 Business meeting with the Chinese client for a German medical device company ( new product discussion and negotiation)
    03/2014 Nantong fabric factory visiting ( for 2 clients from Columbia, product sourcing and negotiation)
    12/2013 Business & personal interpretation for an American CEO and a Chinese agent (business development plan and product improvement /water purifier)
    10/2013 South America Travel Summit & Cocktail Banquet ( B2B meeting, Antarctic Trip)
    10/2013 Suzhou city tour guide & interpretation for Fudan University International Film Academy Forum Team

    Exhibition Show
    09/2014 Shanghai International Medical Device Expo
    08/2014 China (SH)Wall Paper,Textile Carpet and Home Decor Exposition
    07/2014 China Baby Maternity Products Expo
    07/2014 Shanghai International Advertisement & Print
    06/2014 Auto Fastener Expo
    06/2014 Textile Machinery ITMA+CITME
    06/2014 Kitchen&Bath China
    05/2014 Shanghai SIAL-International Food & Beverage
    05/2014 China Beauty Expo
    2014 China Rubber
    04/2014 China International Bicycle & Motor Fair
    04/2014 Hotelex
    03/2014 2014 Electronica China
    03/2014 2014&2013 Intertextile
    03/2014 China Agriculture & Crops
    03/2014 Cosmetic Material
    12/2013 Frankfurt Auto Parts
    11/2013 PTC Asia

    May 2011—July 2012 Recruitment Consultant Shanghai Shanghai
    A Canadian Executive Searching Firm

    August 2009— May 2011 Business & Investment Immigration Consultant Shanghai
    An Australia Investment Immigration Firm Shanghai Representative Office

    Mainly responsible for Australia and UK investment projects: overseas investment

    December 2006—August 2008 Senior Sales Consultant shanghai

    EF Education Group

    » Feedback Comments

    average rating: ( 6 reviews ) Write a review
    • Hi Amy,
      I just wanted to get you some feedback from the interpretation work you recently did for us and our Dr. Kumar in Shanghai. All of our people there were very happy with the preparation you did, the quality of the work, and the enthusiasm you displayed for not only the presentation, but for the work in the stand as well. So thank you for an excellent job! I hope we have the chance to work with you more in the future.

      With best regards,

      Dick Molin
      Specialty Coating Systems
    • Amazing!!!
      Great Help, very hard worker and very pleasurable to work with. Would definitely recommend to others! Fun-go getter attitude!
      So glad to have met her!

      Alex Villarroel
    • Amy was a great help during my stay in Shanghai.
      I will use her again next time.
      She worked very hard and was very quick to learn about our industry.
      Highly recommended.

      Jim Veitch
    • I came to Shanghai lost and confused. In a city of 23 million people I found it a bit overwhelming. I found Freeiva on line and they recommended Amy to be my assistant.
      Amy was fantastic in helping me feel comfortable for my short trip here. She has an abundance of energy. And she was able to keep up with my hectic shedule. A positive and cheerful attitude is an additional asset. My trip to Shanghai would not have been the same withour her.

      Bruce Krinsky
    • Language: 5-Star
      Work Quality: 5-Star
      I am very pleasure to meet you. Thanks for all your help.

    • Hi Amy
      I wanted to thank you for your support during my visit to China. Your help was beneficial to our success.

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