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Abigail, your wise choice for your business assistant

   Trust Points: 500

  • Abigail X.

    #811268  / Female, Age:30 / Bachelor Degree

    City of residence: Xiamen

    Available travel to: HongKong and others


    Have been working as a Customer Service Rep for 4 years, therefore, I am:
    Excellent in English and communication skills.
    Considerate, polite and professional in different occasions.
    Customized for your need and your service.


    English: Excellent
    Chinese: Excellent
    Japanese: Fairly Good

    Work Experience: 10 Year(s)

    Major: Educational Technology

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I am currently working as a customer service representative in insurance industry, and have been in this industry since Oct 8th, 2012. My work offers me flexible working schedule, therefore, I am very happy to have some opportunities to work as a temporary or part-time interpreter/language trainer. Those are very interesting and exciting experiences for me, and I bet the switch between daily routine and some unexpected events enlightened my life and I always see them as valuable experiences and win-win situations.

I got two bachelor degrees--one in Educational Technology, the other in Business English. Because of the 4 years study on both majors, I am good at both Information Technology and English. Therefore, I don't find those technical terms as confusing as most English major students, what's more, the background of majoring in Science has helped me to form a good habit to think things in a logical way, and not be too sensational when dealing with tough, serious issues.

I have attended some trading fairs, including stone fairs in Xiamen and HK Baby Products Fair (Jan 6-10, 2014). I liked them and would be looking forward to attending some bigger events in future too.

So here are some industries that I am really good at: Computer, Health (Working in insurance industry now), Network, Fashion&Beauty (I guess every girl loves them. I am a big fun for fashion events and would be really cool to attend events regarding them), Entertainment (I don't want to boast myself, but I am kind of an acrobat, and a talent in dancing and yoga).

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Industry Abigail is familiar with:

. Advertisement/Marketing
. Apparel & Fashion
. Computer Hardware & Software
. Health & Beauty
. Sports & Entertainment

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