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Customer Info Netname: Dennis (Male)
Age range:
From: Germany
Lead Information
Destination : Guangzhou
Start Time : 2018-11-20 / 09:00
Duration : 1 day(s)
Language: english - Chinese
Category : Sourcing Products
Factory/Supplier Visit
Exhibitions/Trade Shows
Business Meeting/Negotiations
Market Research
Industry: Automobile
Comment : we are visiting the Guangzhou Auto Fair and looking for electric Verhicle for the European market as well for a manufacturers for EV‘s of a Cooperationspartner. We would need you to help us communicate on the fair, as well as for research on rules or regulations in China that would block us from buying and exporting the cars to Europe. besides this The cooperation Company needs a manufacturer who can produce a car for them. They had one but they used not the Parts the company was ask them to use. I hope you can help us on this part. With best regards Dennis