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易娃国际 美国 Expe Inc. 结成合作伙伴关系!

易娃国际 经 全球最大的旅游公司 Expe Inc. 多次、严格的审核,于 2005 年10 月28 日,成功收到来自该公司的合作申请认可函(如下)。至此 易娃国际 成为 Expe 公司在中国境内继 eLong 公司(NASDAQ: eLong) 之后的又一合作伙伴。

Expe Inc. ----全球最大的旅游公司(美国纳斯达克  NASDAQ: EXPE )。


Expedia delivers consumers everything they need for researching, planning, and purchasing a whole trip. The company provides direct access to one of the broadest selections of travel products and services through its North American Web site, localized versions throughout Europe, and extensive partnerships in Asia. Serving many different consumer segments — from families booking a summer vacation to individuals arranging a quick weekend getaway, Expedia provides travelers with the ability to research, plan, and book their comprehensive travel needs. Expedia-branded Web sites feature airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rental, cruises, and many other in-destination services from a broad selection of partners. Expedia can be found on the Web at

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