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My First Experience With Freeiva ( Katherine Wu )

Recommended by one of my friend, I joined freeiva with curiosity and a little bit suspicion. I am very interested in the business models created by those Dot Com startups and once again Freeiva impressed me.

I did interpretation for quite a few clients and companies and I think freeiva is one of the most professional service providers. “Communication” is what freeiva emphasize when encountering a dispute or conflicts and I am also very glad that freeiva also provided sound solutions for tough situations. Freeiva’s well designed service process also verifies its professionalism.

And say something about the first service with freeiva. It’s quite beyond my expectation. I though that client might ask very general usually stupid questions about China but my client turned out to be a person willing to talk about something like what cause the allergic disease on ABCs, What’s wrong with Taiwan’s leadership, Lifestyle in different countries, antique collection and connoisseurs, ranch work in US, the world wide development of real estate market…. Jesus, I learned a lot through the conversations.

So, I think I can imagine what will be in the coming freeiva service, that is Happy and rewarding time with happy client and happy freeiva. And sincerely wish you will have a wonderful time with freeiva. Good luck.

Katherine Wu

Katherine Wu