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Carolyn Yang 的第一次服务感受

Following is what i wrote about my first experience to be IVA.

Yesterday is an important day in my IVA's life: I met my first customer, Hogan.

I was really nervous before the minute of meeting him. I confirmed many times with the hotel if he stayed in that hotel, where the hotel is etc. I imagined what kind of person he is, tall or short, serious or humorous, friendly or cold......

Usually, it only takes me about 30 minutes to the hotel, but I left home 1 hour in advance. I was afraid that I would be later. Getting on the taxi, I asked the driver to be fast. The traffic was good at first, but when it was closed to the Huaihai Road, the traffic became so bad (it was the rush hour around 6:30 pm). I was almost crazy. I asked the driver to find a good road and also called hotel to see if there was any easy way.

Fortunately, I arrived at Hogan's hotel on time (just 2 minutes earlier). Emma sent message to me that I could go to his room directly. Stop in front of my customer's room, I had a deep breath and calmed down for a second. Then pressed the doorbell. The door opened and I found a friendly smile. This smile comforted my quick-beating heart. Hogan is a very nice, humorous and interesting person.

I'm lucky that i met such a good customer. I gave him the feedback form and he gave the payment at once. He also had reserved a restaurant which is just near to the hotel. We went there and talked happily. He really had a good memory. He had read my introduction on Freeiva and could remeber something about my experience.

The following time was fantastic. We had dinner first and then went to a German pub for some music as I learnt that his grandma is a German. Happy time was always flying fast. It almost came to the ending. I can feel that Hogan was very happy and he said it was really worth to be out with me.

This is my first experience to be IVA. I'm very happy, not only because the happy time with my customer, but also the positive commend from him. I know I can bring happiness and convenience to others.

Here I would like to thank Emma and Nick for giving me great help for this case. They are very nice and I am very happy that I am a member of FreeIva. I also want to tell all new IVA: be on time; smile to your customer; and feel relax.

Carolyn Yang