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international business assistant and interpreter in Shanghai,Suzhou,Beijing

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  • Sophia Y.

    #16626  / Female, Age:41 / Bachelor Degree

    City of residence: Shanghai

    Available travel to: Suzhou and others


    i am experienced at translation, business assistant!
    i can work hign efficiency!
    i am honest and reliable!


    English: Excellent

    Work Experience: 22 Year(s)

    Major: Business English

  • By Industry: Total 72 Customers

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    I always have a good smile with people and care about all of my friends, my best character is honesty when dealing with people, i always tell myself to be an honest and guileless person. My other outstanding characteristic is reliability, i would never leave my partner behind under any circumstances. I hope you can be my friend and discover more of my bright personality.

    for work, i am very strict for details,good partner to work with.before start to work for you,
    i would like to listen more about your requires,please do not hesitate to tell me more. thankyou.

    Business experience (List of typical examples ONLY ! )

    *2008. 8 (Olympic games)
    As a volunteer working for the Olympic games in Beijing during the 29th Olympic opening ceremony. Guiding and translating for foreigners as and when required.
    ** 2010 . 9 (Paint sourcing for German market)
    Helped a German construction materials trading company purchase paint products from Changping,Beijing. I worked as a translator and business assistant providing help in many different ways.
    ** 2010.10 (Electronic products)
    Visited a Shenzhen factory with an Indian electronics trading company to purchase'made in China'cellphones. Negotiated the deal and coordinated the shipment with the production factory.
    ** 2010. 12 (Wood equipment)
    I helped a Portuguese wood processing factory to purchase equipment from Shangdong and Liaoning in China. Before they came to China, I visited many different equipment factories and selected 3 reliable factories for them to see. When the Portuguese company came to China we visited the factories together and I helped with business negotiations.

    ** 2011.1 (Printing machine)
    I helped a Canadian company to purchase printing machines in Jiangyin,Jiangsu,providing translation and business assistant services. I finalised the order process after the Canadian company left China.
    ** 2011.2 (Bed frame)
    Visited a bed frame factory in Hebei, China with an Italian company. Checking their production and operation processes.
    ** 2011.3 (Garment)
    Helped an American retailer purchase outdoor sport clothing in Beijing and Guangzhou. Visited factories many times to check out the production line and arranged the international shipments with the factories.
    ** 2011.3(Police issue)
    An American customer was cheated out of money in the street. I helped to call the police and deal with the fraudster and with my help the customer got their money back.
    ** 2011.4 (Furniture)
    Visited Bazhou,Hebei to check the quality of furniture products and loading the shipping container on behalf of an Italian company.
    ** 2011.6 (Gold mining machine)
    Helped a South African mining company purchase a gold mining machine in Henan and Shanghai. Helped to arrange meetings and translate the deal.
    ** 2011.6 (Top wine exhibition)
    Attended the'Top wine China'exhibition with a French wine company. Translated and helped to deal with the Chinese wine companies.
    ** 2011.7 (Bathroom cabinet)
    On behalf of an Italian company, visited one of the biggest bathroom cabinet markets in Pinghu,zhejiang province to check the product quality before delivery.
    ** 2011.8 (Market research)
    Helped an Egyptian company do market research for beans and oil before ordering in Shangdong and Jiangshu province. Prepared many things before the Egyptian company arrived in China.
    ** 2011.8 (Bean oil)
    Visited Shangdong and Jiangshu province with the Egyptian company. Helped to translate the contract details and negotiations.
    ** 2011.9 (Toy)
    Visited Guangzhou suppliers with an American company to purchased baby toys. Arranged the meeting and translated business negotiations during the visit.
    ** 2011.9 (Milk bottle)
    Translated for an English baby aseptic milk bottle company looking for cooperation with a chinese factory responsible for milk bottle production.
    ** 2011.11 (Lenticular products)
    Help an Indonesian company purchase lenticular. Worked as an assistant in China when required. Kept contact with the lenticular factory and the head office in Indonesia.

    ** 2012. 1 (Security camera)
    Visited a security camera factory near Beijing with an Australian company. Translated and negotiated the price for the Australian company.
    ** 2012. 1 (Commercial real estate)
    Helped an American real estate company buy a commercial building. Translated their legal document with their lawyer and translated during the meeting with the Chinese company.
    ** 2012. 2 (Entertainment resort)
    Helped an American development company translate and sign the contact with the CCTV production company in Beijing. The project was to develop a Korean HaDong county resort.
    ** 2012. 3 (Red wine cork)
    Helped an Australian cork supply company to arrange a meeting with The Great Wall wine company and the Dragon wine company at their Beijing headquarters. I prepared the contact before the Australian company arrived in Beijing.
    ** 2012.4 (Office furniture)
    Helped an American company purchase office furniture in Beijing and Shanghai. Negotiated with the suppliers and translated when visiting the suppliers with the American company.
    ** 2012.5 (Computer parts)
    Market research for computer parts for an American company. Visited Shenzhen and Zhejiang to purchase the computer parts. Helped to translate and arranged everything.
    ** 2012.6 (Steel factory)
    Visited steel factories with an Italian company in Jiangxi and Shangdong. Helped provide information and negotiated during the business meeting.
    ** 2012.8(Golf project)
    Helped a French golf project tour company locate golf and travel companies in Beijing to cooporate with.
    ** 2012.8 (Elevator conference)
    Attended the TairLing elevator conference in Bazhou city with an American construction company. Provided simultaneous interpretation during the conference.
    ** 2012.8(Solar energy )
    Attended a solar energy exhibition in Beijing with an Ecuador company. Duties were, translation and negotiation in purchasing the project.
    ♦♦ 2012.8 [ Agriculture ]
    I provided translation services for an Israeli seed and plants company when their marketing manager visited Chinese farms in China. I travelled with the manger to visit many different seed companies and their farms in the Beijing, Shangdong, and Guangxi provinces.

    ♦♦ 2012.9 [ Animal Farming ]
    I was an interpreter for Dr. Lewke attending the VIV China 2012 exhibition. I helped to interpret when Dr.Lewke met with the exhibitors during the exhibition.
    ♦♦ 2012.9 [Baby bed ]
    I helped to negotiate and translate the contract for a UK furniture company dealing with a Chinese furniture manufacturing company.
    ♦♦ 2012.9 [ Health beauty ]
    An American plastic surgery hospital wanted to source products, supplies and technical support from a factory in Beijing, China. I helped to locate suppliers and interpreted for the Americans when they visited Chinese factories and hospitals.
    ♦♦ 2012.10 [ Playground equipment & facilities ]
    I helped an Australian company to source playground equipment and facilities from Shanghai,China. I helped with market research, visiting suppliers, negotiating prices and drafting the contract etc. I was the interpreter for the Australian company when they visited suppliers in China.
    ♦♦ 2012. 11 [ Popcorn machine ]
    I was the interpreter and guide for a UK company when visiting their suppliers to purchase popcorn machines in China. I also helped to negotiate the best price for the UK company.
    ♦♦ 2012.11 [ Recycling Metal ]
    The ‘B to B’ metal recycling conference was held in Beijing. I was the interpreter for a Canadian Metal company during the conference. I learnt a lot from this new experience.
    ♦♦ 2013.1 [ surplus stock ]
    I helped a Vietnam foreign trade company to purchase surplus shoes from a company in Shangdong, China. During their visit to China I was their interpreter and helped to negotiate the best price for the Vietnamese company.
    ♦♦ 2013.01 [ Fashion marketing ]
    I worked with the Berghaus marketing manager from the UK to establish a Chinese market for their products. I was the interpreter for the UK manager when he interviewed and discussed questions with various Chinese salesmen. I learnt a lot about the outdoor products industry.

    ************ many more business experiences will be added soon. I am always researching new and different fields.

    Ensure your business is successful in China. With my help and in-depth knowledge your business is sure to be more successful. Thankyou.

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    • Excellent to met Sophia, very helpful to my trip, both for business and a tourist guide, would recommend her to anyone coming to Beijing.
    • wonderful personality, an enjoyable couple of dats

      Mr. Bret
    • very good, great knowledge of Beijing China, A great time.

      Mr. Tim Newman
    • Many thanks for having done a great job organizing my 48 h trip to Beijing! Climbing some of the old parts of the Chinese Wall was exciting and you always proved to be a responsible and attentive guide. Visiting the Forbidden City and some very nice dining places in Beijing (Beijing duck) were other highlights of that weekend. You are a knowledgeable, well educated person, we could always communicate quite well in English. Besides, you are a charming young lady with a good sense of humor and a sunshine smile! Wish you best of luck and, of course, can highly recommend you as an interpreter and tour guide in and around Beijing!

      Best regards,
    • fantastic help while in Beijing. provided great translation and more importantly cultural insights while conducting business.would highly recommend to anyone conducting business in Beijing.

      Stouffer(United State)
    • Sophia is excellent !! my perfect companion for China. she helped me a lot in interacting with my important clients.
      she is the best !!!

    • Sophia helped me with some very challenging tasks, i could not have done if without her! super service.

    • Sophia,thanks for your help in Beijing,you did a good job, that was easier to finished work with your help. will looking forward to see you in Beijing next time.
      i will tell your email to one of my nephews who will come to China around March, is that ok ? i am not sure his work details, he will send you email.

    • Sophia did a fantastic job for my company at the trade show. thanks.

      Aaron R.
    • Sophia was very easy to work with,her skills in translating and quality of work are very good, everything was handle to my complete satisfaction,

      i would be looking forward to securing her service for my next visit to China.

      Andreas (Director Asia )
    • very good accompanying reliable and efficient interpreter and guide, thank you very much.

      Satcet (Marketing consultant )
    • This is some feedback on an interpreter we hired via your services on Jan 2nd 2012 at 8am. Sophia proved herself to be a good interpreter. Her ability to call our business assositate prior to our meeting meant that she had an informed approach to the price we were looking for with our trade. I would recommend her to other companies looking to trade in china.

      Mike Swaine.
    • Sophia helped me in many ways and has good communication skill. I would recommend her to my colleague for business trip in Beijing. (Chang Hyon Nam)
    • dear Sophia
      thank you very much for help me out in beijing .
      you are very professional for your job .
      kind heart and honest ,just like our muslim people .
      i like you very much ,hope to come back china again .
      take care

      Wael Mahdy
    • thanks again for your great help in beijing .you're really honest and your english is very good ,i think we would wasted too much time on the way that day without your help. richard
    • Sophia had been very helpful and professional with her work during my visit in Beijing. I would recommend everybody who would be needing an interpreter or guide in Beijing to ask her help.

    • Hi Sophia,I am safely arrived in Korea, You are a beautiful angel! I can't thank you enough for all your help in Beijing.I look forward to using your service again for my next trip to China! Many thanks again.(Tim)
    • "Sophia was extremely helpful in assisting me to contact potential clients and in arranging meetings during my recent visit to Beijing. She went out of her way to help as much as possible, and I would strongly recommend her to anyone wishing to do business in Beijing" (Gordon WILSON)
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