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Business Interpreter & Assistant in Beijing,Tianjing,Shijiazhuang

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  • Patty W.

    #16685  / Female, Age:41 / Master Degree

    City of residence: Beijing

    Available travel to: Tianjin and others


    Your Professional Business Trip Interpreter In Beijing. I am native Beijinger with oversea's educational background in UK, London and Australia.


    English: Excellent
    French: Simple Communication

    Has study experience in Australia, UK London

    Work Experience: 19 Year(s)

    Major: English & Marketing Communication

  • By Industry: Total 97 Customers

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    I am a native Beijing girl,was born and raised in the capital of China. I got my bachlor degree in China and postgraduate certificate in Australia. I am friendly, open minded, easy going and enjoy what I am doing now.

    In 2014

    Interpreting experiences:
    -- Nov.
     Nov.3 , interpreter for World’s Leading Wines event ( UK )
     Nov.4, market assistant and interpreter for Mr. Liam Hyland,Green Isle Foods Ltd ( Ireland)
     Nov.5-8, interpreter for Bottlecaps Corporation ( Philippine)
    -- Oct.
     Oct.17, trade show interpreter for Kate house ( Thailand)
     Oct.21, meeting interpreter for Esmart of BMW car delivery ceremony (China), Esmart
     Oct. 24-27, interpreter for Unigine dealer meeting (USA)
     Oct.26-27, interpreter for Beijing Med- Pharm,
     Oct. 29-30, meeting interpreter for Mr. Manuel GOMES , Klein Access Design ( France),
     Oct.31, business meeting interpreter for Ms.Colleen Coyne ( USA),
     Oct.21, interpreter for Joziene van de linde ( Netherland ),
     Sep.3, meeting interpreter for Sebastian ( Germany) about car event discussion
     Sep.11, interpreter for a Korean company in the product promotion event( South Korean),
     Sep.12、23, interpreter for Holiland group business meeting with French company
     Sep.25, tour guide interpreting for Mr. David (USA),
     Sep.28, tour guide for Malaysia artist group ( Malaysia),
    -- Jul.
     Aug.9, interpreter for Mr. Wayne Burge in Beijing Watch factory ( Australia),
     Aug.12, business trip companion interpreting for Mr. Brad ( USA),
     Jun.17, trade show interpreter for American Meat Institute ( USA)
     Jun.18, exhibition interpreter for SimWorx ( UK)
     Jun.19, trade show interpreter for Atomiq ( Australia)
     Jun.20, trade show interpreter for Triotech ( Canada)
    -- May
     May 1-2, trade tour business meeting interpreter for Mike Roberto ( USA)
     May 13, trade show interpreter for Italian client ( Italy)
     May 20, interpreter for Spanish patient ( Spain)
     May 23, interpreter for world leading wine event ( UK)
     May 26-28, trade show interpreter for Canadian and French violin maker (CANADA AND FRENCH)
    -- Apr.
     Apr. 2-4, business trip companion interpreter for American client to Hejian (USA),
     Apr.9-12, booth interpreter for Dubai client (DUBAI)
     Apr.10, interpreter for film event,
     Apr.19, interpreter for property meeting (USA)
     Apr.17-18, interpreter for Audi china event preparation meeting (GERMANY)  Apr.26, business trip interpreter for American client to Gaoyi (USA),
     Mar.18-20, meeting interpreter for Unigine (USA),
     Mar. 26- 28, booth interpreter for Canadian company Triotec (CANADA),
     Feb.10-11, booth tour interpreter for Hook4life (USA),
     Feb.21, booth tour interpreter for Australian client(Carcareproduct)(Australia), Feb26, meeting interpreter for American company(Dynotab)(USA),

    In 2013
    - Mar.10-11, interpreter for Notre Dame High school U.S.A in 17th China International Education Exhibition Tour
    - Mar.14-16, interpreter for Trio-tech Amusement Canada in the 22nd annual China International Amusement Facilities Equipment Exposition
    - Mar. 28, interpreter for Strongplate New Material Co. in 13th International Cement show
    - Apr.11-13, interpreter for YDB Electric Appliance Limited Company in China Refrigeration 2012 show
    - Apr.23-27, Giorgos Karakaxis, Etesian Gold Company from Greece, interpreter in the 8th Oliver Oil China Exhibition(2012) and business meeting with agents
    - May.2, Giorgos Karakaxis, General manager of Etesian Gold Company, interpreter for business negotiate meeting 为Etesian Gold Company
    - May.9-13, Mr. Gerard Vigier from USA, guide in Beijing
    - May 15, Mr. Christopher Smith from Australia, guide in Beijing
    - May 23-28, Tonewood Slovakia, interpreter in Palm Expo 2012 China
    - Jun.23, Indra Kumiawan from Indonesia, guide in Beijing
    - Jul.6-7, SILICYCLE Canada, business trip interpreter
    - Jul.9, interpreter in the court for one client from Pakistan
    - Jul.29, Etesian Gold Co., interpreter in the meeting with distributor,
    - Aug.13, Davos Media Romania, interpreter in the meeting with Chinese Designer
    - Aug.22-24, Caldwell Ceilings Company, business trip companion to Shijiazhuang and Jinzhou
    - Aug.29-30, Grand Napa Vineyards, interpreter in the China international Beverage Expo
    - Sep.12, Koos Food Inc. USA, interpreter in the trade meeting organized by American Western Agriculture Associate
    - Sep.17, Atlantic Kingdom Seafood USA, business trip interpreter for the end user meeting
    - Sep.20, The first group ( Dubai property developer), interpreter in the 2012 Beijing Real Estate Trade Fair
    - Oct.20-21, Interpreter for Lynedah B Vartell in the 2012 international Education Expo.

    In 2012
    - Feb. 13-15, Ms. Gunilla Hallberg from Sweden, Guide in beijing
    - Mar.18, Mr. Gagan Jeet Singh Kohli from India, interpretation in 23rd international gifts, premium and house ware exhibition
    - Apr.4-5, Mr.Craig Pepin-Donat, Chief Marketing officer in Dotfit worldwide, USA, interpreter for product advertisement shooting
    - Apr.26- 28, Mr. David Weil, General Manager of Phoenix Calibration, USA, interpreter in 9th International scientific Instrument and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition
    - May.23-29, Mr. Sima Ondreg, General Manager of Tonewood Slovakia, interpreter in the 20th China international exhibition on Pro Audio, Light, Musical
    - Jun. 20-Jul.15, Camunico Holland, interpreter in the market research interview focus on the Arts and Culture field in Beijing.
    - Aug.2-3, Joseph Tang-Ping from Australia Melbourn, Guide in Beijing
    - Aug.17-19, Premium Vintners- Australian Wine Supplier, interpreter in the meeting with Chinese wine distributor
    - Sep. 7, Rltich Blievernicht from EMISENS GmbH Germany, interpreter in the business meeting with Chinese agent
    - Sep.9, Monica Nguyen from Vienna Austria, interpreter and project assistant in the photo shooting for Chinese acrobatic performance
    - Sep.18, Business trip companion to Yinchun to be an interpreter in the producer visit
    - Oct.18-19, Greig S. Locker General Sales $ Logistics Inc USA, business trip companion to Tianjing and Shijiazhuang
    - Nov.22, Tom Wayne and other 3 guests from USA, guide in Beijing
    - Nov.25, Christopher Smith from Australia Melbourne, guide in Beijing
    - Dec.9, telephone interpretation for Chris Dean from USA

    In 2011
    - May. 25-26 American Global Garden Cop. Mr. Bob, business negotiation and meeting interpreter
    - Jul. 26 till Now American PGC firm Mr. Brenna Smith ( company part time interpreter)
    - Sep.28-30 Audi China EE management Event, project assistant
    - Oct. 4-6, Mr. Anders from Sweden, Guide in Beijing
    - Oct. 27-Nov.2. Mr. Tracy Glendening from USA, Guide in Beijing
    - Nov.30- Dec.5 Green Tree Landscaping Canada, Mr. Gordon Neustaeter, business negotiation interpretation and trip companion to Shijiazhuang and Yi county

    Available Jobs:

    - Sourcing & Visiting Factories / Suppliers
    - Business meeting and negotiation
    - Exhibitions / Trade Shows
    - Business Companion
    - Marketing Research
    - Personal Tour Guide

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    average rating: ( 16 reviews ) Write a review
    • Patty is a great translator, have a very good understanding of the market in China. Very pleased with the work, would strongly recommend her services.

      Henrique Carvalho
    • This was my first trip to China for business and I was coming with just an idea. Patty asked for some details and I shared what limited info I had.With little info she was able to locate the proper places to go.Once onsite we were able to quickly find out who we needed to talk with.Patty was able to understand the terminology and translate it correctly.Patty was always on time and stayed in communication with me outside the meetings. I was also able to learn more about the history of China and also what day to day life is like.I will use Patty again when I return and highly recommend her to anyone!

      Travis Brawley
    • We recently had the pleasure of using Patty as our translator for our trip to Beijing. She attended a tradeshow with us for two days and on the third day served as a translator/guide to sight see the city.

      Patty speaks very fluent english and is very professional. Some vendors would speak next to no english, and Patty was an essential asset to understanding. Many vendors at the show would speak some english. Patty would hang back but also be listening. Often when things got technical, or "subtle" language she would jump in and make sure the vendor understood what our question was. You really don't understand how valuable a translator is until you are stuck in a situation without one (dinner one evening without Patty was quite the adventure trying to get home via cab. . .).

      Last, Patty is very personable. Don't underestimate that when selecting a translator. You will be spending all day with this person, so it really is great to have someone who is a joy to hang out with.

      We will definetly request Patty on our next trip to Beijing.

      Damon Henrichs
      United States
    • Patty W. has a good command of the English language. She showed up on time and sent someone in her place when she became ill and needed one of our 5 contracted days off. Patty accompanied us on a visit to The Forbidden City in addition to assisting us at an LNG Summit.

      Greg Michaels
      United States
    • Miss Wang (Patty) provided the excellent service I have come to expect from FREEIVA.

      Background: This engagement was to support me (an experienced US buyer of Chinese auto parts)
      In a supplier meeting with a relatively new and troublesome supplier whose company has no English skills. Trip was one day.

      This started with pre-trip preparation, arranging railway tickets.

      For the day of service, Patty arrived early and we quickly got to work. This assignment involved rail travel from Beijing; we spent the time briefing and preparing for a factory meeting.

      From the time we were met at the railway station by the factory representative, Patty introduced herself
      And made small talk, forming a friendly relationship with the sales manager.

      Throughout the day, Patty stayed up with the discussion, having little difficulty with the technical content (this involved castings, machining, and metallurgy.)

      When we finished, she translated my meeting minutes to Chinese as we traveled back to Beijing.

      She was perceptive and offered several useful observations on the relationship. These were beneficial and provided help above and beyond simple interpretation.

      In handling the transportation, Patty took charge and hustled us through the railway stations, keeping a good eye on me.

      In summary, I would be glad to engage Patty again when I need service in the area, and give her my unqualified recommendation.

      Technical Director, Uni-Bond Brake,
    • Patty was great. She was a great major part to our success in beijing.It was a pleasure to work with her. I will recommend here and her services to everyone I know that will be in Beijing. Thank you!

    • Patty was hardwork and communucation was very good. Please to work with and recommend her service.

      Peter Alexander
    • Patty was very professional and pleasant. She was quick to pick up our business and products and was an asself throught the show.

      Steve Turner
    • Patty is a very professional, excellent transltor!
      I will use her service again.
      thank you!

      Luc Roy
    • Patty was very helpful, she knows Beijing very well, moving around with her was very easy. But the most important is her business skills. She was perfect to my business meeting with Chinese companies.
      Dimitris Papachristou(Greece)
    • Patty is very professional and good help. On time and perfect presentation. We will definately come back to her when back to China.

      VIC SHAN(India)
    • Dear Patty,

      It is with great pleasure that I write to you in support of your interpretation, translation and document preparation services. You consistently maintain the highest degree of professionalism and strive to meet our deadlines, even when they tend to be on short notice. You have attended meetings where complicated technical and legal issues are discussed and you handle them with ease. Whenever we required assistance in planning and reserving trains, planes and automobile services, you carried them out without a single problem.

      We will always turn to you for our many and varied business needs.

      Yours sincerely,

      Wayne S. Morrison
      President, CEO Steven Rockefeller, Jr. Golf Development, LLC
    • Patty is a true professional. Well prepaged, outstanding English and a valuable asset for business negociations.

      John Misson(New Zealand)
    • Patty has provided me with professional service for over two years - her knowledge of the Beijing area is most helpful when providing transportation, long and short term lodging, or contracting with local merchants. She has also provided translation and interpretation for meetings on a variety of subjects related to real estate and development, as well as technical and supply services. I highly recommend her for anyone that needs assistance in a variety of services while working and traveling in China.

      Kristopher Munn(USA)
    • Thanks for all the help you have given me in translating and interpreting all of the interviews in Beijing. It has been a great pleasure working with you! How is in life in Beijing now? Wish u all the best Patty!

      Wiebren Reitsema(Holland)
    • Patty provide the perfect help for me. Thank you very much.

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