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wholesale market regarding building material such as ceramic, sanitaryware, wooden floor ,mosaic

I think Foshan Shi Wan , is much better, we like to buy from there.
B1. Zhiye ceramic wholesale market / 置业陶瓷批发市场
Add.: Shi wan Zhiye ceramic wholesale market,shagang, zhenzhong road, shiwan, foshan city/ 佛山市石湾镇中路沙岗段石湾置业陶瓷批发市场
Comment: This is a huge wholesale market with 470,000 square meter for ceramic tile, sanitary ware, Plumbing Fittings. The price belongs to middle and low level, 80% of it’s products are for export.
B2. Huayi building decoration material city / 华艺装饰材料城
Add.: 325 national road, jihua No.4 road, foshan city / 佛山市季华四路325国道交汇处(季华美食城对面)
Comments.: Huayi is a very big complex building decoration material city for Flooring, Door, Window, Ceiling, Hardware, locks, hinge, MDF board, Ply board, Wall paper. The old huayi used to be a very often visited wholesale market for building decoration material for export, with middle price, but it has removal already. The new huayi is usually feedback by foreign customer with high price level.
B3. Da zhuan wan building decoration material market / 大转弯建材装饰市场
Add.: Da zhuan wan road, guang fo road, west huan Guangzhou, Foshancity /地址:广州西环广佛路大转湾段
Comments.: Dazhuanwan is a very big complex building decoration material market for Flooring, Door, Window, Ceiling, Hardware, locks, hinge, MDF board, Ply board, Wall paper. It’s more professional than Huayi, most of the suppliers there are factories, the products are divided into much smaller filed with lower price than huayi market.
B4. China Ceramics City / 中国陶瓷城
Add.: Jiangwan 3rd road, chanchen district, foshan city, Guangdongprovince / 广东省佛山市禅城区江湾三路
Comment.: China ceramics city is 53,000 square meter for ceramic tile, sanitary ware, Plumbing Fittings. Price level betweens to middle to high.
B5. China mosaic City / 马赛克城
Add.: China mosaic city, No.9, baota road, shiwan , chanchen district, foshan city / 佛山市禅城区石湾街道办宝塔路9号中国马赛克城
Comments: It’s specialized in mosaic, the biggest center for mosaic, just near China ceramic city

Posted by Coco Ke on 2018-04-08 05:49:00

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Tags: thousand of building materials exporting from here to all over the world everyday

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